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Oct. 26th, 2008

(22-10-2008) Yesterday was …(* ̄(エ) ̄)

Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-san, the bear (Scary)?1

I uploaded
Only one photo yesterday

But really

I took tons of photos like that

It was very amusing
So my spirit went up ~(。-∀-)

Normally I
Always do stuff like this (゜ロ゜;

And I'm nearly
27 years old……

I've always
Done things in high spirits ~(;>_<;)

If you do what is needed to be properly
Being in high spirits from time to time is good ♪♪

Being an adult~ I don't want to!! I like Toy's R Us2♪♪ (Laugh) ("⌒∇⌒")
Something like that~
I said something incomprehensible (T_T)

By the way, the twin bear
In the 4 photos

Ohhh no
Excuse me (//∇//) Excuse me
Next to Bear-san
It is Tani Ryuugi-kun
Who's appeared in the Kenai blog quite a lot? (^^ゞ☆
He also took the pictures (*´∀`)♪

He's a really good person ☆☆
From "Crows Zero II" onwards
We've been good friends!!

Yes yes
That Bear-san is
a rug4
( ̄ー ̄)//””
There's quite a lot
In the houses of rich people

Those things (^_^;

In between the posts, there were questions
About the radio show and how to participate in the event?
If you had questions of that sort ↓↓↓

・The radio show is being broadcasted from the centre of Kanagawa only. (It seems like you may be able to listen to it in some rural areas of Tokyo5
・The event details for the "Here is Greenwood" event will be available on the homepage soon.
To participate, please fill in the participation form found in the official homepage.
・Forms will be accepted until 27 October (Mon) 12pm. It's possible to apply through the mobile site "Aniplex★Mobile".
And that's it

1. semi-guessed that... it makes no sense :x
2. Kengo merged "Toy's R Us" with "suki"... since they use the first/last letter XD
3. This bit is quite off. In Japanese all sentences end with "desu" or something similar yeah? The "yea" is actually the "desu" bit in his sentence, but due to my stupid sentence structure, I couldn' show it :x So you have "yea" instead..
4. Google is telling me it means carpet, but I think it's more similar to a rug and the carpet..
5. I translated "kibishii" as rural, coz you really can't have a 'strict' area in Tokyo XD

(21-10-2008) The bear〜(/_;)/

I'm fighting against a bear now!!

~Known as~
Bear-killing Kengo (v^ー°)

There was some free time during filming
I had nothing to do so I did this 人( ̄ω ̄;)

So~ What time will it be until today ~(._.)

I'll work hard!!

REALLY SORRY for not posting much last week :( reading week is soon, so i'll be able to catch up then :)

Oct. 20th, 2008

(20-10-2008) ☆Two announcements☆

I went to record a radio show (^ー^)
The photo is with Sakajou Miki-san!

Radio Nippon
"Sakajou Miki's Entertain1 GO! GO!"

Airing date
3 November 2008 (Monday)
~ 7 November (Friday)

Looking forward to it v(・∀・*)

It doesn't happen a lot
Me being on the radio

The people who know me well
Being on the radio…… I really don't understand why2

And one more

The first DVD box of "Here is Greenwood"

is going on sale on 22 October

And then
The release event is
on 2 November
in Sunshine Gekijou♪

The condition to participate in the event
Is the people
Who buy the DVD box
That's it~

Please buy the box
And participate in the event

Yay Yay(v^ー°)

I'll be waiting!!

I'm extremely sorry
For having nothing but announcements m(__)m

1. I guessed that a bit.. it should be a short name of "entertainment", but I'm not sure if it's that specific bit :x
2. Completely guessed this. My brain doesn't work well after high dose maths :(

Random: Sunshine gekijou is where tenimyu is on some times ♥

Oct. 19th, 2008

(07-10-2008) Rice!!

Yesterday's question about food

I did read
the comments

They are all drool-worthy food

Everyone's comments
aren't wrong

Everyone is right!!

Putting that
Together with rice ~

Thinking about something like that while reading (^з^)-☆

Everyone really does
Understand rice well ♪

I love white rice
I like side dishes that go well with rice (^_-)

With delicious rice,
And the feeling of the side dish not being the main dish, but the rice!!
Something I learn from my work in "Yamamori Umimori1"("⌒∇⌒")

I'm glad to be Japanese ♪♪

Of course I also like bread and noodles
If I had to pick one

I'm in the rice group!!

If I don't eat rice
I won't be happy

1. I guessed the second one. It's 'seas'mori. Anyway, this is the "going around Japan eating breakfast" show Kengo was in after spa rangers. I never translated the whole name because i didn't know the romanji + wasn't bothered :) Now it's there in it's full glory :)

(19-10-2008) This is ☆first☆

Isn't this a nostalgic photo?

Thinking about it

It's the first time a photo of this type has been uploaded (^○^)


★Aizen Sousuke★

How is it?

Will I ever wear this again...??

It'll be great if I did~

But continuing would be nice

It'll be a problem if I went back to a nice person tho...

"I will stand in the skies!"

I wanna say it~~~♪♪

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